Seed Stage

This mentor-driven, 90-day Seed Stage Accelerator is for fast-growing, highly scalable companies, with at least two full-time founders, to get investment-ready and prepare for outside capital funding.

About the Program

Our seed-stage accelerator is tailored for companies who have the appropriate growth and scaling potential for venture capital investment. The focus of this mentor-driven accelerator program is to scale quickly, drive customer traction, and become investment-ready. Each company is eligible for $25,000 from our evergreen seed fund after meeting specific milestones established at the start of the program.

Program Benefits

Develop the skills to lead a high-growth tech company to investment or acquisition “De-risk” your business and illustrate sustainable traction Fine tune your pitch to become investor-ready Create a strategy to win big clients and target investors Understand negotiations tactics and deal terms Develop long-lasting relationships with mentors with industry expertise

Scholarships Available

Seed Stage Accelerator

Applications opening Fall 2022

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